Bonn is home to numerous international organisations and a number of United Nations institutes including the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Many international activities in Bonn focus on global issues of the future such as sustainability, voluntary participation, development cooperation and disaster prevention.

Bonn is one of the oldest cities in Germany. The city celebrated its 2000th anniversary in 1989, based on the date of its first written mention by the Roman writer Florus in 11 B.C. The Romans appreciated Bonn's accessible location on the Rhine, mild climate and beautiful surroundings. The area was settled long before Roman times, with first traces of human settlement dating back to 50 000 years ago.

The World Conference Center Bonn is in close proximity to the United Nations campus, as well as to the headquarters of Deutsche Post and Deutsche Welle. Just a few minutes walk away is the Museum Mile, where the Museum of Contemporary History (Haus der Geschichte), the Museum of Modern Art (Kunstmuseum), and the Art and Exhibition Hall (Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle) are located.

The World Conference Center Bonn is accessible for wheelchair and rollator users. Parking spaces for people with disabilities are available on request at the main entrance.
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