Sustainable Action Plan LPS22

The LPS22 was organised as a sustainable event with the intention to minimise its potentially negative impact on various fields. The company organising the event is in fact certified ISO 20121, a recognition dedicated only to sustainable event organisation. Below are presented 10 main goals identified by the LPS22 Organising Committee under a Sustainable Action Plan.

Goal #1: Reduce emissions from attendees travelling to Bonn

  • Travel by train

Reaching Bonn by public transport is always preferable to the use of your own private car even if we know that in many cases the optimal choice depends on your residence. We suggest you to use this link to compare the impact of different travel choices:

  • Offset your carbon footprint

What if we told you that you can easily calculate your CO2 emissions? Take a sustainable action to offset your carbon footprint by donating. Click on this link

  • Sustainable Prize

ESA assigned an award to the participant that proved to make the most sustainable choices possible relating their trip and stay in Bonn. See more here:

Goal #2: Reduce travel and accommodation related emissions

  • Public transportation

How can you reach the Bonn World Conference Center by local public transportation, so to reduce travel-related emissions? Find out by clicking on the following link:

Moreover, every participant who books a hotel room via the Bonn Region webpage (, will automatically receive a free ticket for local public transport.
Take advantage of this opportunity!
If you own an electric vehicle, you can charge it by using the loading units present in the WCCB, inside the parking area

  • Walking and cycling

Maybe you prefer to reach the venue by cycling? Click on this link to find a bike and start pedalling:

  • Sustainable accommodation

To make your search easier we encourage you to book your hotel through the Bonn Region webpage:

You can flag “Sustainable Bonn” to see all the hotels that are partners of the Sustainable Bonn initiative. You find the flag under the left side menu “Top classifications’’.

Goal #3: Minimise venue-specific emissions

You should know that the World Conference Center Bonn is certified "Partner of Sustainable Bonn". These are some of the sustainable actions in place:

  • Renewable energy power supply
  • Waste heat generated by the ventilation system is used for heating purposes
  • Resource-saving geothermal energy for heating and cooling
  • Photovoltaic system on the roof of the Main Building

If you are interested in learning more about the venue, chick here:

Goal #4: Charitable contribution

We are proud of sharing with you that ESA donated to reforestation projects thanks to Treedom. You can contribute as well! Click the following link, plant your tree, and follow your plant’s story:

Visit the LPS22 forest we built together at this link:

Goal #5: Reduction of paper usage

No need for printing!
The scientific programme and all necessary information are on the LPS22 website. You will also see the whole programme on the digital signages of the venue.
Guilt-free printing! We also know that sometimes printing is needed. In this case we make sure that FSC certified paper will be available. We encourage you to do the same when printing your conference badge or the poster presentation.

Goal #6: Reduce environmental impact of catering

Let’s talk about food. Did we mention that you'll find 80% vegetarian options in the food court and snack points? Emphasis is placed on regional producers whenever possible, and no palm oil is used.
Reusable glasses, plates and cutlery are used for food and beverages. Take-out coffee will be served in 100% compostable cups and wooden sticks will be provided.
We join the fight against food waste by donating leftovers to the Food Sharing organization. If you want to know more about their work, click here:

Goal #7: Significantly reduce single-use plastics

The aim is to keep disposable plastics use to a minimum. You will find water fountains to refill your water bottle at the venue (which we will provide). As mentioned above, the catering uses washable tableware and compostable materials when needed.

Goal #8: Maximise sustainability of conference materials

Start your LPS22 journey in a sustainable way with the right equipment! Here’s what you will find in your conference kit:

-        Stainless steel water bottle
-        100% organic cotton shopper bags
-        Recycled paper lanyards
-        Plantable paper badge holder (Yes! You can plant it and you’ll get a beautiful flower mix)

  • Sustainable exhibitions

We encourage all exhibitors to use sustainable materials that can be recycled or reused after the LPS22 for the construction of their booths, as well as giving out sustainable products and gifts during the event. The goal is to ensure the circularity of all the materials used and the cooperation of all the stakeholders of the event.

Goal #9: Representation of relevant topics in the conference programme

A first step to be more sustainable, is to talk about sustainability. In the scientific programme you will find topics about sustainability that will be discussed during the event. Make time in your schedule so you can attend! You can find the conference programme at this link:

Conference Schedule – Living Planet Symposium 2022 (

Below is a list of a few suggested relevant sessions:

- D2.01.1 Resilient cities

- D2.04.1 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

- D2.07.1 Water Resources Management

- D2.08.1 Rapid EO Innovation: from Covid-19 to the Green Future

- D2.09.1 Sustainable Natural Resources and Energy

- D2.13.1 Sustainable Development of coastal areas

Goal #10: Increased awareness sustainability objectives

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- Twitter @ESA_EO

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Extra info:


Universal access is a key part of sustainability, in fact, reduced inequalities is one of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. Accessibility is a given factor for all areas on the WCCB premises. The venue is fully accessible to users of wheelchairs and rollators. Also, upon request, parking for the disabled is available at the main entrance of the venue.